Cat, cat! We can take almost unlimited number of photos of our loved ones and immediately examine/view the photo after clicking. The smartphone has given us enormous freedom, because it is always with us, it can capture whatever we want, anytime & anywhere. I myself regularly use it to take spontaneous photos of my family, loved ones and small and big moments in my life.
You too? Then this article will interest you! 🙂 As an experienced family photographer, I have put together the 10 best tips to make your smartphone photos even better:

1. Dare to get very close

Details can mean a lot. The baby’s delicate eyelashes while sleeping, or those little hands in which they turn their favorite toys back and forth… All these details can make a big difference in the photos you take with your smartphone. So, dare to go very close! You will be surprised how beautiful and personal such simple photos are! 🙂 Your baby and child photos will instantly become more special!

2. The two-thirds rule makes your photos special

“Stand right in the middle!” We try to put children in the center of the picture when we take pictures with phones. The recordings become even more expressive and significantly more interesting if you try to catch the small moments of your child by following the “two-thirds rule”. Anyway! It is much funnier, cuter and more exciting to look at a picture that is not composed in the center! 🙂 In the case of a baby, it’s easier, in the case of an older child, this point can be a bit of a chore due to the movement, but it’s worth it!

3. Abandon digital zoom

The digital zoom of smartphones significantly degrades the quality of images. Instead, try to get closer to your subject, as I already tried to suggest in the first point. If this doesn’t work at all because you don’t want to be in the middle of the stage?, then use the option to “cut” the image afterwards. This allows you to select a certain part of the image, so you can create the perfect image crop with subsequent adjustments.

4. The trick with light

Is your child playing in front of the window or is your baby having fun in front of the large patio door, on the carpet? Then take the opportunity and position yourself exactly between the child and the light source! It is important that your child receives as much natural (but not bright) light as possible. I promise you that this simple but effective trick will give you beautiful, well-lit and sharp pictures of your little ones. 🙂

5. DO NOT blink!

5. My tip for children’s photography: release the flash – always Basically, any light is better than the harsh flash of your smartphone camera. The only exception: If you are in an extremely dark room and you really don’t see any other way to let the light in, you can also use the flash, but I really only recommend it if absolutely necessary! 😀

6. Keep it natural

Of course, it’s best if your baby smiles into the camera when taking a spontaneous snapshot, but let’s face it, that’s not very realistic at a certain age. Nevertheless, try to avoid staged images and try to capture the moment as naturally as possible. Maybe you can make your child laugh. Babies and older children alike love funny noises, sounds, voice imitations and other playful things. Let’s bet that a “real” laugh will make your photos 1000 times more beautiful than an artificial “Please smile!” version!

7. Stable hands

Granted, it’s sometimes easier said than done to keep the camera steady even when shooting the little energy bombs.. But definitely try it! The less you move, the better. Especially in darker environments, steady hands are needed. In return for the effort, you will be rewarded with a wonderfully sharp image! 😉

8. Is good bad or bad good?

Even if it’s hard, choose pictures that are well done or that you like for some reason. If your phone has a “burst mode” that allows you to take multiple pictures of a moment in succession, then by all means use it! Then look over the elements of the photo series and ruthlessly put everything you no longer need in the trash! That way, you’ll have more space on your next deployment! 🙂

9. Leave photo editing for later

A little brighter here and a little more color there – spicing up images with filters is fun and a lot of work at the same time.is. Sometimes, however, they don’t seem very original and can have an unnatural effect. It’s better to edit the pictures later, perhaps when your baby is sleeping (and here I’m not just thinking about effects, but also about cutting and possible selection). My tip: Make sure you make a copy of the image you want to edit, so that if you don’t like the finished image, you’ll still have something to work on! 😉

10. Keep the lens clean

A wallet, a pacifier, an open bag of chocolates and the millet balls that are scattered everywhere… – do you have a handbag like this too? As a mother, you have to be prepared for anything. Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of things piling up in pockets, bags or even in the car. That’s why it’s important to look at the lens (even before you take a photo… :D). It is essential that your smartphone is not dirty. A small microfiber cloth has definitely found a place in your bag! Its versatility is undeniable, which is why I recommend that you use it to clean your phone! If you pay attention to this from time to time, you can be sure that at any point of the day, in any part of the world, you will be ready to take the next photo!