16 + 1 tips for stunning restaurant food photos

Do you want to improve your life photos? Would you like to learn how to take vibrant & tasty food photos? If so, then you will love the following 17 tips, which will help you take amazing food photos while sitting in a restaurant!

Why do we like to take pictures of our food?

For a person, eating is the fifth most important and central source of pleasure/action. We eat when we are happy and celebrating something. They eat it during a date, a meeting with friends or a company meeting. We see food around us all the time. We get our energy from it and, last but not least, we fill our stomachs well with it. It unites all our senses and we can make memories with it.

But why do we like to take pictures of the food placed in front of us so much?

In today’s fast-paced world, a #foodphoto on Facebook or Instagram is considered completely natural. We simply like to capture the moment and the feeling we associate with each meal or food. In the future, you can learn 17 tips, which you can use to take exceptionally better food photos!

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Let’s get into it, scroll down and read all 17 tips!

Food photography 1. tip: take a photo before you eat it

I know it sounds stupid to point this out, because it’s completely clear.core/paragraph I would still put it first, because I have been in a situation countless times where I figured out how good a photo I was going to take of the food I ordered, but then no exposure was taken. Why? The reason is because often the company and the circumstances stick with them and nothing matters, only that you finally taste it and your taste buds can dance. So, don’t fall into this trap! 🙂

Food photography 2. tip: Get to know your camera

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional photographer, it is very important to know the device and its settings with which you take photos. It can be a phone or even a professional machine worth several million forints. Many phones have a special food photography mode, you can use this or the manual settings.

Food photography 3. tip: Speed

After you get to know your camera, inside and out, you can improve your speed. If a hot meal, e.g. a soup, if you want to finish it with lentils (and of course eat it afterwards), then definitely do it. But if e.g. If you lock a cold appetizer in an eternal frame, you can have a little more time, since there is no danger of the food losing heat.

Food photography 4. tip: Use natural light

If you can, photograph the food in natural daylight. It is also extremely important that you do NOT put it in direct sunlight. You can get too strong borders and unwanted shadows. Look for a shady area where the light is relaxed and the background is photogenic.

Food photography 5. tip: Choose the perfect seat

We’ve already talked about the light. We’ve learned that natural, but not hot, sun is the best for food photos, so choose a seat in the restaurant accordingly. You also need to learn how you can still create something lasting even with less than ideal lighting:

  • Find a light source that you can place your food next to (e.g. a candle)
  • A stable hand hold is extremely important here, so try to rest your camera somewhere

Food photography 6. hint: Background

The background greatly affects the interaction and mood of the image. Be sure to choose an angle that is free of distractions for the perfect food photo. The homogeneity of your background is also important, so don’t choose a flashy color, because it will completely distract attention from the food.

Food photography 7. tip: RAW

A raw photo has many more possibilities. You can’t set this format on a phone, but on an entry-level machine.core/paragrap This format captures much more color and content than JPG, so you will be able to create a much more detailed photo during post-production.

Food photography 8. tip: Composition

You must know the basic rule and composition rule to be followed in most cases. Examples include triangulation or triangulation or the leading line. But sometimes it’s fun to break these rules, so feel free to experiment!

Food photography 9. tipp: Flatlay

The English term “flatlay” is one of the most popular trends in food photography today in 2021. This basically means that these pictures are taken from a bird’s eye view, i.e. photographed completely from above. It can be an interesting perspective, so I recommend that you try this too!

Food photography 10. tip: Use props

You wouldn’t even think how much a matching, well-harmonizing accessory can add to your photos. Be it a straw hat, a camera or anything that makes the photo more atmospheric. Even the fact that you put the cutlery next to it adds a lot to the picture.

Food photography 11. tip: Battery

Always have a spare battery, charging cable and adapter with you or, what I highly recommend, an external (wireless) portable charger. You can choose any of them, they are all great solutions to the problem. The point is, don’t leave it at home! 😀

Food photography 12. tip: Memory card

Whether you have a DSLR or a MILC, you will definitely need extra memory. On the one hand, it may be full or, worse, crack. Unfortunately, technology is often unpredictable, but don’t be! Similar to batteries, this should not be left between the four walls either!

Food photography 13. hint: Horizontal and vertical

Take both vertical (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) images. This is how you can add a little variety to the many food photos. Sometimes this, and sometimes that, will be more to your liking or fit to create the desired food photo. The point is to remember that you can also hold the device in your hand! 🙂

Food photography 14. hint: Hands in the photo

You can often make the picture more dynamic if you introduce a little human factor into it. Use this item with care. It is important to make sure that the hand visually enhances or adds to your photo.

Food photography 15. tip: Get inspired

It’s not a shame, it’s even a virtue, if you follow creators whose work you recognize. You will learn the most from them. If you don’t already have such people and pages, I recommend that you search. Look around, collect ideas and steal like a magician! 🙂

Food photography 16. tip: Think ahead

You have to think ahead. It is important to get to know them, at least run through the offer of the given restaurant before you sit down. You also have to think ahead when, for example, you envision your photography ideas. It can be decisive, one idea at a time, so similar to the previous point: Ö FULFILL

Food photography 17. tip: Enjoy

The last and most important tip is to remember to enjoy it all. Be there in the moment, don’t exaggerate the many claims, the many “just one more photos”! Take some photos, but don’t let the food detract from your enjoyment.

At first, these 17 tips may seem a bit much. But believe me, it’s just a lot of little things. Start with one, then move on until you implement and combine the clue together. Many small (changes), go a long way. It doesn’t matter if something doesn’t work out the way you dreamed it would, the point is to do it! 🙂
Everyone started somewhere and somehow. I wish you to achieve the level of food photography you want through a lot of practice!

Try to make your dream come true. ? If in this dream you would entrust the food photography to a professional, then feel free to contact us! ?

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