3 tips for perfect creative wedding photos

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Are you planning and organizing your wedding? Do you also want perfect and creative wedding photos? If so, then one of the following 3 tips is for you!

We are many and diverse. Wedding planning is also done differently by everyone, it goes in a different order, other things get more emphasis and so on… However, according to my experience, booking service providers as soon as possible is in the first place for everyone. After finding the photographer who captures the wedding, I recommend 3 more tips for you to have really perfect wedding photos. 🙂 When you agree with the chosen wedding photographer, do not miss these 3 tips when planning the meeting and the details!

So here are the 3 tips for perfect creative wedding photos:

1. The time
Don’t plan a confusing creative wedding photoshoot in 10 minutes!
Give it enough time! Trust me, it’s worth it!
2. The location
Beautiful photos need a beautiful background!
Choose a location that highlights the beauty of the day!
3. The atmosphere
Here comes the human side of the wedding photographer!
Choose a photographer with whom you feel comfortable!


You don’t want to be interrupted in a few minutes. Not even if you or your partner don’t really like taking photos or you don’t really like the proximity of a camera! Why not interrupt the photo shoot and swim away with a few photos? Because this is the most beautiful day of your life and you will remember it for the rest of your life! It sounds like a cliché, but years later you will be taking these photos again and again. You don’t want it to be made in just a few dog runs, do you?wedding photolet posterity know about you? Believe me, it will be a very pleasant feeling, not just to see a photo of yourself taken in a few minutes!

During the creative wedding photography, the photographer will take pictures of you and your love, away from the wedding party, in an intimate and quiet environment. Let it take creative pictures to suggest multiple settings and angles for you.

This is important, as this is how you can take really authentic and natural pictures of your love for each other. As a result, you will have photos of a quality (nice setting, ideal lights and wonderful composition) and quantity (up to dozens) that will be worth developing!

One word is more than 100, take enough time for creative photography that day!

I usually recommend dedicating at least 1 hour to this point. (This means taking photos at one location. If you dreamed of taking photos at several locations, the time will increase proportionally!) In this 1 hour, roughly a half to three-quarter hour of photography and even a little rest time can fit. 🙂

The location

To really give yourself thecreative photographyduring, only one thing is needed. A pleasant environment. The choice of location is extremely important, as it will not only serve as a background for beautiful pictures, but will also lend a basic atmosphere to the pictures.

Your own ideas can also be implemented, and I even recommend that you feel free to develop them. Let space, time and of course your love inspire you! I know that many people are nervous, downright tense in the company of a camera. That’s why it’s really important to be yourself during creative photography.

The location is therefore not only the background of the photos, but also an inspiration.

I usually give definite instructions in the first round, (e.g.: where and how to stand, where to look) based on what grabs me in the given location. Then I will simply let you take the natural poses you like with your love. In most cases, this usually goes easily and the initial tension disappears.

Aswedding photographer, I always have a “plan B” for a particular location If the weather is not in our favor, I still have ideas for indoor photos Of course, a little rain never hurt anyone! You can be very adventurous and we can take stunning photos even in a rainy environment! 😉

The mood

The mood is important. It’s about having fun. Although, I think that a person is the happiest on their wedding day, still pay attention to behave the way you like on that day.

By the way, the atmosphere can be perfectly established by meeting and taking photos together, if not on the big day of the wedding. Your love for each other is already a superengagement photographywe can also capture it within its framework. This usually takes place 3-6 months before the wedding.

We can practice everything here. So to speak, we grind together. The atmosphere is also in the foreground here (of course, the photos are also very important) so you will know what to expect on the big day of the wedding. For a good mood, sincere laughter and a friendly presence. A special relationship develops between the three of us, which will be the key to success. The fact that they were talking can make a lot of difference to the mood. Share with your loved one the memory of your shared experiences so far or tell why you adore your love. Immerse yourself in the moment. – that’s it.

Only your love matters now, show it to the whole world! With these three tips, I’m sure you’ll succeed!

I wish you an exciting preparation and lots of happiness!

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