Are you pregnant? 5 reasons for maternity photography!

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and be surprised at your beautiful, round belly? Is it interesting that you suddenly became a mother? It’s amazing how much your body changes during pregnancy, isn’t it? Month by month, a tiny life grows inside you, which develops in your body for 9 months. The period of your pregnancy will pass faster than you think and you will be holding your long-awaited baby in your hands in no time. I have collected 5 good reasons to convince you why we should take professional photos of this blessed period of yours when you are a new mother. Everything you need to know about maternity photographyBY CLICKING HERE strong a visible! Up for a maternity photoshoot!

No more hesitation! I have brought you 5 good reasons, after reading which all your doubts about whether you should go for a maternity photo session during your pregnancy will disappear!

5 reasons for maternity photography: 1. Your pregnancy period goes by faster than you think

As an expectant mother, it seems to you now that you will never forget this exciting waiting period, but believe me, once your baby is here, he will grow up faster than you want?
If you decide later to collect everything related to your baby in the first year and maybe even make an album? Good idea! The earlier you start documenting the better! Pregnancy and a round belly will be the first and most important memory, these will be the pictures on the opening pages of the book or album, so thematernity photographywill definitely be part of it!

5 reasons for maternity photography: 2. The feelings stay with you forever

Of course, when the little one is born, your beautiful, round belly, being a new mother will soon be forgotten and a few months later you will hardly remember the feeling when a life grew under your heart.
Aprofessional maternity photographyyou can relive not only beautiful memories, but also the sensitive ones you felt at th Happiness, anticipation, curiosity: if you look at the pictures, everything will bring you back to that period. So to speak, we create a mini time machine.

5 reasons for maternity photography: 3. Your tummy is unique

Appreciate it and immortalize it! I know, your back hurts and you can’t even feel your legs at night? Ok, of course there are small “side effects” of pregnancy that we don’t usually talk about. But your body can do incredible things during this time. You adapt to the baby both physically and mentally, so that he has the best inside. Look at yourself in the mirror: Unique!
The way your body is transforming now is unique. You owe it to your body to capture this unusual miracle with the help of a professional photographer and visit afor maternity photography. Back pain here or there! 🙂

5 reasons for maternity photography: 4. It will be a great memory not only for you, but also for your child!

What happened when I was in your belly? What were you like then? what did you look like Was your belly really the size of a watermelon?
You may not be able to imagine it right now, but at some point your child will be very interested in what and how it was, when he still fit inside you and you lived your everyday life as a new mother. Even then, this will be a really great valuematernity photo series, because it tells you everything in a moment. They also say: A picture says more than 1000 words!

5 reasons for maternity photography: 5. You are the focus

Have you already bought a stroller? Changing table renovated and painted? Hospital bag packed? The prenatal to-do list is endless, I know! But write amaternity photographyalso on this list!
And of course you are right that it costs a lot of money, invested energy and even more sleepless nights to try to prepare for the arrival of your baby. Millions of things to do, goods to buy and thoughts circling… But I have good news! Amaternity photographyit’s just about you for a day (or at least for a few hours?). Celebrate this day! Take out your favorite clothes from the closet or treat yourself to new ones that are good for your big belly! Find time for some relaxation too! A fragrant bath or perhaps a pleasant massage! Relaxation is good for you and believe me, this will be reflected in the finished pictures of the maternity photo shoot!

On the day of the maternity photo shoot, everything will be about you (or at least for a few hours surely?). I hope that these 5 arguments have convinced you not to miss this photo shoot in your life! I’m sure you won’t regret it!

If you are wondering when is the best time for maternity photography and are looking for inspiration for great maternity photos, look aroundBY CLICKING HERE!

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