Baby photography

There is no bad baby.
Not a good baby either.
There is a baby.

A concentrated, perfect miracle.

The whole world takes its breath away

and everyone admires the birth of new life with wide eyes.

That alone is reason enough to record it with amazing photos.

When should we take photos?

Newborn photography

At the age of 7-10 days. The birth of a baby is one of the most special moments of your life. Those little fingers, tiny toes, and eyelashes. The little face he had been wanting to see for 9 months had finally arrived.

3 month old photo shoot

My three month baby photo shoot is for babies who are around 3 months old. This is an age when they show the world the first smile of their sassy personality. Sweet smile and honest eyes.

6 month old photo shoot

When your baby begins to learn how to sit on their own, their independence and mischief blossom. During the 6-month baby photoshoot, I strive to capture your baby's smile and lovely faces.

Birthday photo shoot

In the first years of a baby's life, it is unbelievable how much it grows and changes. Is your baby entering his first, second or third year of life? Celebrate with a baby photo shoot! A real milestone that they could look back on happily.

Children's photography

From the age of 3. Baby or child photography can be a very busy experience for the whole family. The little ones discover the world at this time, so everything will be interesting and exciting for them!

Maternity photography

The most suitable period is between 30-34 weeks to take wonderful maternity photos. Is your baby growing in your bulging belly? Will she be born soon? Don't miss this period either!

A special period of life

After the birth of your baby, everything will turn upside down.
Don’t forget, however, that these days, weeks, and months will pass quickly. You won’t even notice and you’ll be a demanding teenager, you’ll see!
Perpetuate your baby’s tiny and fragile first stage of life in the big world.

Baby photography

This photo shoot is designed to capture the deep emotions and bond with your baby so that you can keep those memories for a lifetime. Years later, you could look back at the photos together, recalling all the feelings you just experienced!

We organize everything around the baby, as the goal is to give him the best! One baby photoshoot cannot be compared to another, as the model is also the director who shapes the entire process.

The mischievous smiles, the tiny little fingers, the little paws all move and touch the . Childlike innocence is what you see in their eyes and that’s what I try to capture by pressing the shutter button.

The power of baby photos

Beforeyou would have a child, your phone is full of all kinds of photos. A bill to be paid, a selfie together with your love, a baby furniture to be bought, moments of a trip or any other photos in the world are hiding in your pocket.

AfterWhen your baby is born, there will ONLY be a photo of him in your phone’s gallery. A sole, a caught smile, a prone position, one like this, one like that… There is nothing wrong with that, as he will be the most beautiful and best thing in your life!

AGAIN! Is it worth thinking about whether the millions of phone photos will surely be enough, even years later? Every moment may be captured, but everything is nothing. Wouldn’t it be better and more beautiful if you could show the most important stages of life in professional photos? Or, to have baby photos taken that could be worthy decorations for the walls of your family home?

Indescribable feelings

Baby photography can also be done in a nice photo studio, but I feel this is a little sterile for a tiny baby. I much prefer when the baby is in his little environment, in the greatest peace at home, because that way I can capture moments that cannot be repeated.

A new life. He will be with you and yours for a lifetime.

Every moment, every step your child takes brings happiness not only to the immediate family, but also to the wider family, relatives and friends. I like to capture these fleeting but catchable moments in an eternal frame and make a professional baby photography series out of them.

I think newborn and baby photography is one of the most rewarding and somewhat beautiful professions. I love the soft touch and “baby smell” of babies.

Photography as a gift

Give the gift of a real experience!

Can’t think of anything anymore? Are you bored of the usual gifts? Surprise your lover, family member or friend with a truly special impulse! Believe me, it will be much more fun to give and receive such a gift than an ordinary mug or pillow that you have seen many times.

Brighten up gray weekdays and give the gift of photography or give a special gift of a special event the experience of photography!

Birthday, engagement, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… Just a few examples of how much you can spice up a holiday event!

Baby Photography Prices and Packages


HUF 40,000


HUF 65,000


We asked Dóri to capture it for us, when there are already three of us, but still two of us!❤👣💙 We were not disappointed.....it was the best decision!
With his positive personality, he greatly contributed to the photo shoot being in a good mood...relaxed...with lots of laughter! We loved that 1 hour....🙏🥰 He captured those moments fantastically, which will be wonderful memories even after years!🙏🥰
Thank you Dóri, we are very grateful to you!
Keep it up, we wish you to capture the wonderful moments of becoming a family for many more couples, just like us!!!!❤👣💙

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Frequently asked questions and answers. Wedding little ones & GY.IK

I have collected the most frequently occurring questions and answers in a bunch so that you don’t have to search any further!

baby photography topic

As soon as possible! In order for me to be there at the right time and place, we have to make an appointment at least 2-3 weeks in advance, but it is not uncommon for me to know a month in advance when and to whom I will go to take photos of small tap pants. 🙂

For newborn photography, we try to time your photography between 6-12 days. For older babies, I can say that when it’s good for you!You can read above the about when to take baby photos!

This is absolutely your decision. It can be in a photo studio or even in your home. You are very tiny, a newbornLess than 6 months oldin the case of babies, for their comfort, I would definitely recommend a homely, calm environment.
Older than 6 monthsin the case of children, we can go out more boldly, to a nice and bright photo studio, even for a birthday photo shoot.

I always submit all my work online. This means a private link from which you can easily download the wonderful baby photos.

As you can read in the package offers, I will deliver the finished pictures within 2 weeks. I feel that in addition to the short deadline, I am motivated to get the photos done as soon as possible.

Most problems can be avoided if you schedule the baby photography for a time of day when the little one is the most balanced. This usually means the morning hours, which is also perfect timing for the lights, because that’s when the daylight/natural lights are the most beautiful and brightest.

Anything that is important, a “baby doll”, the first pair of shoes, an ultrasound photo, small toys, can all be included in the photo shoot. I also like that I can use all kinds of personal items and accessories, because that way I can actually create varied and unique compositions. So my answer is yesYES bold ! 🙂

In practice, you don’t need to prepare anything. If we take the photos in your home, then a little tidying up before my arrival won’t hurt. If we go to a studio, everything is already in beautiful order, so we can start decluttering! 🙂


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