Belly in the spotlight: 4 tips for perfect maternity photos

At the beginning of your pregnancy, your curvaceous little belly is only slightly visible under the sweater. Only you notice that a new life is slowly growing in your belly, because of which you can no longer button your pants… Towards the end of your pregnancy, you are amazed at how big and round it has become. There is no question, a part of your body, your stomach, is a real little miracle during this period, and you will never forget these 9 months of your life!
Over the years, I have been lucky enough to capture many maternity, baby and family moments, and yet I believe that every maternity and belly is different. It can be round or even elongated, the way your belly looks in this case is definitely unique. I definitely recommend capturing this state in order to capture the memory of your unborn child. So, you should capture the waiting period with professional photos, but let’s see just the 4 tips that can be used to take perfect photos:

1. Timing is everything!

When is the right time? How fast (or slow) your belly grows over the 9 months can vary greatly. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the perfect time for maternity photography. However, my experience shows that the last trimester of pregnancy is particularly suitable for this unusual photography. At this stage, your belly will definitely be spectacular and big enough to take wonderful photos. Therefore, it is best not to wait until the last moment, because in the last weeks of your pregnancy, you may experience unwanted watery eyes and other unpleasant effects. In the last weeks before giving birth, everything usually becomes a little more difficult and it may happen that you will no longer be able to bear this blessed state…

On top of that, you never know when the tummy-dweller actually wants to get out?…

Plus a tip for home:Take as many pictures as possible of yourself and your belly during your pregnancy. For example, you can make beautiful collages from them, which you can use to present this period wonderfully. Your child will be happy to look back at how big his mom’s belly actually was!

2. Clothes and accessories – highlighting the tummy?

Everything you feel good about! Or even nothing at all, since this photography works particularly well even when naked. You will be in the spotlight with every photo, trust me. Here, don’t think of completely nude photos, but of photos where your belly is in the foreground. You can cover your chest with your hands or arms, for example, so that the focus is only on your round belly. Don’t worry if you shy away from this or if you don’t feel comfortable like this, there are of course many other options in clothes! You can also draw ideas from your own wardrobe and choose from there & bring them with you to the photo shoot. Whether it’s a sweater, a t-shirt or a summer dress – everything is allowed, as long as the belly plays the main role. That’s why tight-fitting clothing is the best choice, because it makes your belly stand out the most. If you don’t choose clothes from home, but want to rent perfectly fitting, super stylish clothes especially for maternity photography, then ask me for help!

Is there a special accessory that is close to your heart? It can be an ultrasound image or a stuffed animal that you simply cannot walk past in the store. All these things can make maternity & baby pictures very unique and special. You can bring small shoes, a mini dress, a hat or even a pacifier. Your baby’s gender or name can also be depicted on the photos, imagination knows no bounds! ?.

3. Inside or outside?

Or choosing the right place… Where do you live and where do you feel good? This is exactly the question you should ask yourself when choosing a location. The goal of maternity and belly photography is to be authentic. Let’s create photos where you are in your best shape, in the most pleasant environment. That’s why I’m glad you let your imagination run free. If you would like to feel good in the warmth of your home, then let’s take the photos there. Do you like the nicely decorated interiors of photo studios? Okay, so we’ll go halfway there when organizing the photo shoot.

Since the right light plays an important role in beautiful pictures, we must definitely find a time of day when the weather is nice and bright outside for photography. Do you have a room at home where the morning sun shines wonderfully? Super! The more light, the better. In the summer, of course, we can venture out to a sunny park or meadow. We can even choose a place with which you and your partner have a special relationship. If you are taking photos outdoors, you still have to pay attention to the time, and timing is the most important thing here. The lights are quite simply the most beautiful in the morning or late afternoon. The midday sun, on the other hand, causes ugly shadows, so I definitely do not recommend this time zone. No matter what you choose, choose a place where you feel comfortable. This is how the most beautiful belly photos are taken!

4. The perfect pose to capture your tummy perfectly

Anything is allowed! Of course, the pictures should be completely natural, and the goal is not to just pose all the time. I pay particular attention to this. Still, a little posing is allowed.. Maybe you are standing by one of the beautiful windows of your apartment or your partner is lovingly hugging you? I have many ideas and insights on where and how to stand/sit/lie down. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and settle into each setting. A smile and a laugh will always look good, don’t forget that! Despite the pose, stay natural and be exactly who you are. By the way, you don’t have to look directly into the camera if you don’t like it. It looks especially good when you are not looking at the lens/camera!

Does the tummy-dweller already have a sibling? A brother also looks amazing in the belly photo shoot. For example, when the curious big brother enthusiastically listens to the still small, but already moving inside, little brother, to see if something can be heard…?. This way you can create very magical pictures!!

Would you like belly and maternity photography?

Find out everything at maternity photographyabout and contact me today so you don’t run out of time!

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