Best photo studios in Budapest – Here are the TOP6!

There are dozens of great photo studios to choose from in Budapest, but it’s easy to get lost among the many options. It is therefore important to investigate the matter thoroughly, because it does not matter which photo studio will be the final destination.
As a photographer, I have visited many places, and I have a lot of experience with interiors decorated in different styles. As a result, I often get the question, which photo studio do I recommend? Where should we go if we want a maternity or family photo shoot, but it’s cold outside? In the following lines, I will show you my favorite indoor spaces, where I always like to take photos, because their style fits what I try to represent.
Booking the right photography studio can be a real challenge, as there are so many options. If you’re looking for the best photo studio in Budapest, you’ve come to the right place, I’ve collected the best places!

You just have to choose and we can go! 🙂

When should we go to the photo studio?

The photo studios that can be found today are really homely, modern and beautiful, so perhaps the best answer to this would be anytime! However, I would rather recommend that we visit such a place for photography during the autumn/winter/spring period, because it is almost impossible to take photos outdoors at this time. Of course, the chances depend to a large extent on the weather and the specific concept, but the harsh cold and bad weather can be especially unpleasant for a maternity or family photoshoot, for example. While we can take on winter, snowy landscapes with a couple in love, we cannot do this with a pregnant mother or even a newborn. I love the light provided by nature, and as a photographer, I have to pay attention to this the most. Where are the ideal lights for photography? Whenever I can, I prefer outdoor photography, but there are situations when there is no choice but to go indoors!

Don’t be discouraged, it’s not a problem, because today there are so many fabulous photo studios to choose from! I will also show you the best 6 places in Budapest!For outdoor photography also recommended many wonderful places in a previous article, check it out too!

If we ask the question in terms of when, i.e. at what time of day, we should go to the photo studio, then my answer is during the day. When we can work and create outdoors, i.e. with natural light, although indoors. This worked the best for me, that’s when I like taking photos in studios the most. In the autumn/winter/spring period, this means the morning hours, roughly between 10 am and 12 pm. The situation is different in summer, I prefer the early evening times there, approx. between 6 and 9 p.m. Although, in the summer, in this time zone, I’m more of a lover of outdoor photography, but I don’t deviate from the subject!

So when should you choose studio photography instead of outdoor photography?
I gave some examples:
  • if you are at the stage of your pregnancy when photography would be ideal, but it is cold outside
  • if you want to take a photo with your family, child or children, but it’s cold outside
  • if you want to capture your baby’s first birthday in the form of pictures, but it’s cold outside
  • if you were making an individual, portrait or business portrait series and you need a good location
  • if you are engaged and you want an engagement photo shoot, but you don’t feel like going outside because it’s cold outside
  • if the weather is bad at the time of the planned photo shoot (e.g. at your wedding) and you need a plan B
  • if you are organizing a winter wedding and you don’t know where to have good photos taken
  • if you want a Christmas photo shoot in pleasant warmth
  • if you like indoor, furnished spaces and definitely want to take photos there
  • if you were to do a boudoir photo series and want it to happen behind closed doors

Why should we go to a photo studio?

We go to a photo studio to capture unusual events/stories in eternal frames that belong to an outstanding chapter of our lives. Examples include the reasons listed above, or the fact that you might want some really well-done photos of yourself and your partner for no reason at all, just for fun. Whether the reason is any of the ones listed above or you have your own reason for taking photos, I have now selected the best interiors in a bouquet, here is the list.

OKAY! I won’t drag it any further!
Here are the best photography studios in Budapest

(It is important to note that I do not receive any benefits or sponsorship from the studios participating in the list in exchange for this recommendation. I only relied on my own experience and wrote them in the order in which I usually recommend them to those who come to me.)

Nordix photo studio


The Nordix photo studio quickly stole into my heart! You can choose from 3 neat rooms, IV. in the city, at a price between HUF 11 and HUF 12,500 per hour. You can rent 3 furnished spaces adapted to the season and holidays from them, of which you are sure to find the one you like! All 3 studios have a large interior, so they are also ideal for family photo shoots, the kids will absolutely love it! Of course, all of their rooms provide a great space for maternity, individual, portrait, business, couples, and engagement photos. Choose quickly, because places are quickly sold out!

Recommended rooms: RUSTIC, CLAY, LOST

Installation photo studio


I recently discovered this wonderful place located in X. arrondissement. All of their rooms can be rented for HUF 10,500 per hour. You will find yourself in a pleasant environment, where you will definitely be able to relax easily. They also have rooms with kitchen equipment, so you can really find everything you need to give your photos a homely feel. They have 3 main studios, which are fully furnished and have wonderful interiors, so no matter which one you choose, you’re sure to get great photos.




A VIII. an up-and-coming studio in the district, specially designed as a home for lifestyle and family photography. Since it was recently opened, we can get a complete home from them at an introductory price of HUF 9,500 per hour. Everything is here, fully furnished in my favorite style. An equipped kitchen, a pleasant living room and all this in a large open-air space in American style. Even though they are still fresh on the map of studios, this wonderful place is still very popular, and I warmly recommend it, as the intimate atmosphere that greets you upon entering speaks for itself.

Recommended room: STUDIO

The Frame photo studio


70 square meters of pure delight in pastel colors. You can take photos here for HUF 9,000 per hour, no matter what the subject, everything and everyone can fit here! A XX. gem of a circle! I especially recommend it for newborn/toddler/first birthday photos, whether it’s a baby sitting on your arm or even a little bigger. Both young and old can have fun! There is also a mini play corner here, next to the comfortable sofa and the hanging hemispherical swing placed in the space. The current decoration changes often, I love it!

Recommended room: SUN

Studio S-LUX photo studio


I think that studio doesn’t get enough attention, even though you can choose from really impressive indoor atmospheres if you look here. Within Budapest, the IV. you have to travel to the district and you can take photos with them for only HUF 8,000/hour. They offer 3 indoor and 2 outdoor locations, of which I will now recommend the 3 interiors. Approx. lean yet elegant locations of 40 square meters are available. All are very nice, bright, spacious and extremely well photographed. The spaces are mainly suitable for maternity, individual, portrait, business, couple and engagement photography, but they are also an absolutely perfect choice for family photos!!

Recommended rooms: LEONE, MIMOSA, PERLA

Klajkó photo studio


A hidden little jewelry box in the 21st century. in cost. Tímea Klajkó’s photo studio welcomes you in a relatively small, but even more intimate, 30 square meters. The place can be booked for HUF 6,000 per hour, which is really promising in my opinion. What do you get in return? An interior adapted to the season and holiday, suitable for today’s modern age, which beckons you to own it! A nice little studio that you might also like if you don’t want the studios that everyone knows! There is a relatively small space available, so I recommend it mostly for maternity, individual, portrait, business, couple and engagement photography!

Recommended room: STUDIO

Last but not least, let me thank you for reading my list of my favorite and recommended rooms! I hope that I was able to help you make a decision, I trust that you have found your favorite among the recommended photo studios in Budapest!

If you liked my recommendations, please share them with others!

If you want a photoshoot, but you haven’t found the perfect photographer yet, feel free to search! I’m looking forward to seeing which studio we can meet in!
Contact me and we can arrange an appointment!

(I downloaded the photos used in the article from the website of the respective photo studio, so the source of the images is always the web interface of the photo studio in question)

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