Family photography

The happy family – premature heaven.

Inherit it for eternity.

Special times bring us closer together

No need to pose or laugh for the camera. Family photos are about intimate and authentic shots – about shared family moments that show what kind of people you are. 🙂

The finished photos will be like a time machine. The time spent with the family, playing and clowning with the children, or any other moment. You can fly back to that moment through the images.

Memories remain, moments pass...

The human bond

The family provides the closest bond and security in the world.

My aim is to capture what is really important: Real life!

I'm Dóri Szénás, photographer

To take photos of you in which I can show the most precious part of family life. The love of everyday life.

I like to capture reality, instead of perfectly set pictures.

I will show you all the precious little things that very few of us notice today. These are the little things that you will look back on years later as: “the good old days”

Why make joint, family memories?

I don’t care about the perfect picture. I want to capture emotions, freeze special moments and hold onto love for each other.

We often remember the smallest things, moments and experiences. The sound of laughter, a warm hug, a loving smile from the heart. Let’s capture these small but meaningful family moments!

And why take joint family photos?
Perhaps the best way to express this is because life is passing us by so quickly… It is very important to have professional pictures of you that will take you back to a special time years later. It is very important to have professional pictures of you that will take you back to a special time years later.

During family photography, I like to tell a small story. Whether it’s a joint family breakfast, a long walk or simply a little rest at home.

How does a family photo shoot take place?

Jump, dance, laugh, frolic, hug!
Nothing is mandatory, but everything is allowed! 🙂
NO posing, no need to strain in uncomfortable clothes.

You will definitely not hear this phrase from me: “Look into the camera and smile!”
With me, you will definitely not stand in front of a sterile photo background, I promise!

When it comes to my family photos, it’s important to me that everyone feels good. Fun is absolutely allowed. It’s about relationships with each other. The irrevocable love of children during a hug or the proud look of parents as they watch their children.

These are the moments when I press the shutter button.

Of course, in the last half of the photo shoot, we will also take typical, everyone in one picture, facing the camera, very smiling pictures. 🙂 But believe me, these are not the photos that will end up on the walls of your family home!

If you want too timeless natural sentimental authentic honest real photos then...

When can family photography be done?

The answer is simple. Anytime! Out of the 365 days of the year, exactly 365 days are a perfect choice! 🙂

In the spring

In early spring, when nature turns green again.

In summer

Sparkling sunshine, a pleasant summer breeze and even the Balaton coast.

In Autumn

Color splendor and perfect lights. Playing with leaves and each other.

In winter

A special time. Snowy landscape, snowballing and playing.

Photography as a gift

Give the gift of a real experience!

Can’t think of anything anymore? Are you bored of the usual gifts? Surprise your lover, family member or friend with a truly special impulse! Believe me, it will be much more fun to give and receive such a gift than an ordinary mug or pillow that you have seen many times.

Brighten up gray weekdays and give the gift of photography or give a special gift of a special event the experience of photography!

Birthday, engagement, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas… Just a few examples of how much you can spice up a holiday event!

Family photography prices and packages

Or, what do you get for your money?


HUF 40,000


HUF 65,000


Wedding & lifestyle photographer

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Frequently asked questions and answers. Wedding little ones & GY.IK

I have collected the most frequently occurring questions and answers in a bunch so that you don’t have to search any further!

family photography topic

Someone is always missing from the photos. This is the first thing that families come to me for. I take pictures that none of you will miss, every member of the family will be in the photos.n. 🙂

We take pictures in all kinds of settings and situations. Only mother and father, only children, only one parent with one child and so on… these photos are also often missing in a family photo album. The range of situations is also endless… a shared laugh, game, tongs, eating, drinking or just an average morning at home… 😀

We take photos during the duration of the selected package. You have to think of a relaxed and easy time here, without any tension! 🙂

I try to turn natural movements into pictures, I try to capture all the little things that will be beautiful memories years later. I capture happy and honest moments, I capture the real self of children and adults in frames.

Photography can take place in homes or even in a nice studio.

Natural, honest and real. Pictures will be taken in which you feel good, and which will reflect what kind of family YOU are. Only our imagination can set the limits of what kind of photos we take during the family photo session. It is even possible to change clothes several times, so you can make the photo series even more colorful.

If you want the photo shoot in a studio, I always coordinate with the room in advance. Usually, most of these photo locations are absolutely pet-friendly already, so I don’t think it would be a problem. 🙂

If we take photos in your home, I will be happy to capture your pets in a frame or two. I 100% LOVE ANIMALS! 🙂

Since it is possible to change clothes several times during a family photo shoot, you could even have several sets of clothes.

I recommend that the sets of family members harmonize with each other. This means that you should prepare clothes with a similar composition in terms of colors and materials.

There are colors that I do NOT recommend: black, because it darkens the mood of the image, and very loud colors (purple, magenta, pink, red, lemon yellow, orange, royal blue, green and other very strong colors) because they completely distract from the attention to the people in the picture.

However, there are plenty of colors that always suit everyone, a jolly joker choice for both young and old: brown and various earth colors, gray, denim, terracotta, rust brown, mustard yellow, burgundy, olive green, khaki green.

Avoid the “uniform” or “dressing together” or “twin” options, because these are already out of fashion, unfortunately… or not unfortunately… but that’s how it is! 😀

Please also avoid clothes with inscriptions or very patterned clothes.

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Or I offer absolutely indoor, studio photography or another date. I try to influence many things, but unfortunately I don’t have magic power yet, so I can’t influence the weather alone…

I usually do most of my family, engagement, couples, and maternity photos in Budapest, in Budapest studios and homes, but if needed, I’m happy to venture further afield! 🙂


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