Food photography

Food is like love!

You can live without it, but it's not worth it!

Take good care of your eyes!

Eating is the fifth most important and central source of pleasure for us humans. We eat when we are happy and celebrating something. We eat when we are sad and worried. They eat it during a date, a meeting with friends or a company meeting. We see food around us all the time, everywhere.

It is therefore important to choose a photographer who is passionate about food and food photography itself. Why is this necessary?

Because your guests, customers and customers will order the food from you because of the photos you take. You have to satisfy their eyes first, then their bellies!

Let's make it mouth-watering!

And what am I thinking here?

That the food photography and the food photos have to be so, so good, so that you immediately feel the saliva flowing in your mouth. You have to feel ready to bite into it right away! This is what a food photo is good for. Because you’d eat it right up.

My goal is for such and similar thoughts to flow through you while you look at the finished pictures!

How do I work?


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been back there for food, especially for food photography! I believe that I can produce outstanding works in this field as well, because I take all food photos with the utmost humility, care and love.

I love to eat, I love to take photos.

I love life and I love to foam with a big spoon.

Numbers that speak volumes

I tend to invest a lot of time and energy in making sure that my written words and sentences are valuable and really effective. But numbers mean even more than words. ÍSo here are some examples:


Happy customer


Submitted project

+ 0

An hour spent doing post-work


Coffee consumed


Used machine


“Do you know why good food is important? It brings people together, no matter where they come from. It makes everyone friendly and puts a smile on their face.”

What can you expect?

With professional equipment

I arrive at each of my photo shoots with professional SONY cameras, a fleet of mobile devices and complete equipment. With these, I can guarantee top quality and the creation of pin-sharp images.

With experience

I have worked with several brands, Hungarian producers and many restaurants. For me, food photography is not just a hobby, not just taking Instagram photos, but a professional creation.

With precision

My work is precise. I like precision. This is how I live my life and this is how I work in my photography. This will be seen in the finished pictures or even during our joint cooperation.

Food Photography Gallery

I take the pictures to the best of my ability. I also put a lot of emphasis on the development of small, but all the more important details, since everything lies in the details.

I do all this because I love, in fact, I am passionate about colorful and decorative plates. And, of course, so that at the end, when I hand over the finished food photos, you can say:
Yes, I wanted to see that!

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Frequently asked questions and answers. Wedding little ones & GY.IK

I have collected the most frequently occurring questions and answers in a bunch so that you don’t have to search any further!

Wedding photography topic

I use Adobe Lightroom to process all my photos. It has worked for me not only in the field of food photography, but also in other areas of photography. 🙂

Haha! ::) I’ve actually gotten several questions like this before, and I think a lot of people struggle with this until you learn a few tricks.
One of the easiest tips is to use the garnish: always have fresh coriander and parsley on hand.. Lemon and chili slices are also great, as are spices like ground black pepper, cinnamon, and red pepper flakes. If the food is looking a little dull, I have a spray bottle of water that I spritz the food with to achieve that “shiny” look.

No! 🙂
I am happy to come and go both within and outside the borders of our small country. I live in Budapest, so most of my photography takes place here, but you can have a restaurant anywhere in the world, I’m happy to go!

For my package offers, other works and prices, please write to me by filling out the form above. 🙂


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