How to choose a wedding photographer?

The ten most important questions to ask your wedding photographercore/hea

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a bride or groom. First of all, allow me to warmly congratulate you on this!

By the time you get to this line, you may be very curious about the next 10 questions & answers! If you go through them, it is 100% that you will find the right & sympathetic specialist! Here is my article – How to choose a wedding photographer!

A future wife carefully chooses the location of her dreams. He imagines every moment of the big day, beautiful and breathtaking photos in a vision… The next step to take these photos is choosing your wedding photographer – you need a professional who is perfectly able to capture this unusual, special event in eternal frames.
Photographers have different shooting styles and couples have different preferences. If you want to choose a photographer who will capture your big day in the way you always dreamed of, you must first know the photographer’s insights.

Wedding photography can be divided into four basic categories. It is important to know these styles:

Classic, traditional: strong These photographers focus on ‘posed’ photos. They focus on items that the couple requested in advance. They set up the equipment, the background, the subject’s posture and the wedding attire.

Document:Here, photography specializes in recording events, in a kind of documentary way, trying to photograph everything as it happens in real time. This style is for brides & grooms who prefer candid photos over posed wedding photos.

Illustrative photography: strong This photo style combines the above two styles to capture spontaneity and posed photos. Here too, the documentary photography mode is very important, but it is combined with the classic photography style. In this way, the photos will not be completely misaligned, which can be especially beneficial during creative photography, for example.

Portrait:These photographers focus on “portrait style” shots of the couple as well as portraits of family members. Today, this style, as I see it, is almost completely lost. Most of us today mostly belong to the first 3 styles.

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Knowing these styles can greatly influence your decision. But how and on what basis do you decide?

Here are the 10 most important questions you should ask your wedding photographer!

How to choose a wedding photographer 1. question: What is the photographer’s style?

First of all, a bit of repetition! Make sure that the particular wedding photographer has experience in the style you envision.

How to choose a wedding photographer 2. question: Does the photographer have a portfolio that showcases his style?

Portfolios or galleries should always be accessible. It’s good here that you can see everything. From the beginning to the end. From the most important moment of preparation, through the ceremonies, and through creative photography, parties, cakes and other programs. Most photographers show the best photo taken at the perfect moment. But you want to see more, don’t make other people’s mistakes! After all, on what basis would you choose a photographer if not based on his previous work?

How to choose a wedding photographer 3. question: Does the photographer take both black and white and color photos?

If so, then also address the ratio in which you prepare these. How many will be in color and how many in black and white?

How to choose a wedding photographer 4. question: What does your package include?

Be sure to check the details because it’s all in the details. 🙂
Consider different package offers. You don’t have to decide right away. It is much more important that you choose the right option for you. Also take into account how many hours the wedding photographer is available and what he undertakes during this time. Ask someone for their opinion or discuss the wedding scenario together.

How to choose a wedding photographer 5. question: Have you ever worked on site?

It is worth knowing if the photographer is familiar with the location you have chosen, or at least asks for the opportunity to scout the location before the big day. You can even help with this by presenting the location through photos or videos. This way, the photographer can already think ahead.


I shape the passing moments into eternal frames! I believe that every moment is precious. I consider it my duty to capture these moments experienced during wedding photography. A picture should not only be a projection of the moment, but a memory that you can relive anywhere, anytime and as many times as you like.

Some moments are too special to put into words. This is why I love wedding photography! Because these moments are unique. They are NEVER recurring. And this awareness is so captivating…

BY CLICKING HEREyou can read more about how I work as a wedding photographer.

How to choose a wedding photographer 6. question: What equipment do you work with?

Equipment is a key consideration. Be sure to ask about it! If it is not suitable, then it is very likely that the photos that are handed over will leave some objections behind. But basically, the point is not to know the specific description of every lens and camera frame. What is important is that the photographer uses them routinely. The professionals can wake up from their sleep and adjust their machine to the given lights in seconds.

How to choose a wedding photographer 7. question: Do you support personal meeting and discussion?

II know a wedding photographer who doesn’t usually meet (or even talk to) his couples until the wedding. Send a price quote, then a contract, and on the agreed date, it will go there and then what is written in it. It is possible, but not recommended.
It is very important that chemistry, sympathy, and vibration develop between you and the photographer. This can only happen if the three of you meet together with your love. But a kind of sympathy must develop. After all, on the big day, you have to show the photographer, indeed him, the smile of your life, your most loving face. How would you do this in front of a complete stranger?

How to choose a wedding photographer 8. question: Do you have additional optional extra services in addition to the basic package?

You can think of almost anything here! Online invitation, priority development, unique photo book & flash drive, maybe a photo box? Do you really just have to look for the answer to whether it is? If there is, whether it’s any visual enhancement element or online add-on, then it means a lot. It means that person is a professional.

How to choose a wedding photographer 9. question: Does the wedding photographer have a contract?

It should be basic by now, but unfortunately I still meet couples in trouble who failed to sign a contract with the professional of their choice.
No matter how exhilarating a wedding preparation period is, we must not forget the money invested in the big day and its serious ideological value. You must stick to the contract and the invoice. Without these documents, the chances of a possible cancellation increase and it is feared that you will soon find yourself in an undesirable situation. (A piece of good advice in parentheses: If the person does not want to sign a contract, then you have to say goodbye to him with the same momentum! ?)
So, these points are essential for a good contract:

  • Wedding venue, date
  • Payment terms and obligations
  • Accurate wording of the undertaking
  • Force majeure situation

How to choose a wedding photographer 10. question: What is your availability time?

There are many who define their services and packages with certain hours of availability. 8-10-12 o’clock ??? But how can this be decided in advance? If you choose such a photographer, it is strongly recommended to clarify this in advance, as much as possible, and record it in a contract. There is a large group of photographers who do not define their services in this way, not by breaking them down into hours. They typically set their prices on the basis of the number of photos delivered and the number of days worked (e.g. from morning preparation until dawn).
Whichever it is, decide what is most acceptable to you..

The bottom line is that whatever decision you make, be proud of it and don’t let others influence you or unsettle you with their opinions! I wish you to find the ideal wedding photographer for you! If you want lasting, special and unrepeatable memories, then only keep in mind what is most important to you.

Try to make your dream wedding come true. If you would entrust me with the wedding photography in this dream, then feel free to contact me!

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