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I thought a lot about whether to go for it. Should I start something new, something that is 100% mine. A new website, it was always in my head, I always dreamed about it. Then, of course, something always came up that was more important and took the focus away from my little project…
In the end, I didn’t let my dream drift any further and at the beginning of 2021, this dream started to become a reality.

By the way, this is my old website:www.dfproduction.huc
This page is my dear,Ferenc Csollakwas created by, who, by the way, deals with website creation and development, among so many other things.core/paragrapht. If you check out this page, maybe you will understand why I wanted a new website. Her style has not become something girly, huh! 😀 This is completely understandable, since we are talking about a guy from head to toe…

Of course, Feri built a very strong site for me with the contents, technical execution and background work of 10 points, which is still working perfectly to this day. But precisely because he did it, I absolutely did not feel it belonged to me.


At the beginning of 2021, the two of us cut our ax into a big tree. We started a website creation course to keep ourselves busy. At the time, I had no idea how much I would love this thing… 🙂

We watched hundreds of hours of instructional videos for more than 3 months, while I developed and built this site day by day. The basic starting point was WordPress, and the website building engine was Elementor Pro. Well, one thing is for sure! I never thought that I would understand such things.

Countless sleepless nights, days spent sitting in front of machines and #knowshow many cups of coffee. OF! The fact that I can say today that I am the owner of a website that is not only mine, but that I created from the beginning to the end is worth all the effort for me.

My goal

was to build a complex side that is truly me.. Be girly, but not too girly. Be clear, but not unprofessional. Legyen roppant egyszerű a használata, de közben legyen profi. In addition to these principles, I beautified my own little website day by day.

I had another goal. To display all my service areas on the website. Basically, right?wedding photographyandvideo recordingmy main profile, that is, that’s all it’s been until now. However, I wanted to expand it by 2021. I’ve always wanted to, not only at the wedding (and the one before thatengagement photographyon) to be present in the life of a couple, but also to follow their lives in the years that follow. That’s why the idea of ​​a new website matured in me, which didn’t just remain an idea. I implemented it, that’s itpregnant mother,babaandfamilyyou can also search for capturing moments.

He also got a place…

among others, onefood photographyos subpage as well. Why? Because it was also a huge love in my life for several years.. I love experimenting not only with people, but also with food. This passion grew to such an extent that I was lucky enough to work with some very famous restaurants..

I would also mention the video recording of the event here, since I am not actively involved in this either. It can be a small event with a few dozen participants or even thousands of people, I try to present them in the most modern way possible.

There are even more directions that are still waiting for you, but I hope to be able to report on them soon! 🙂

I think that with my wide range of services, I can be a part of many parts of life in a unique way.

I like

my job. I LOVE to capture every detail, all in order to give you a treasure that will last a lifetime. The days, weeks, months and years go by at breakneck speed, they disappear into infinity above our heads… Almost unfairly fast.core/paragr Pictures help to remember all those special moments that cannot be repeated in this life…

Photography has always been a big influence on me, but I feel like this new website is now giving me the long-awaited sense of freedom I’ve always wanted.

My motivations….

  • I want to show how much I deal with
  • I am happy to create blogs in the subjects of photography and videography
  • I want to strengthen one of the pillars of my personal brandin
  • support my career with useful articles and blogs
  • I am eager to learn new things, which I am happy to sharek
  • through my page I want to get to know more people and
  • I want to make more visual material about the most important moments in life


that you read the short background story of this wild new website of mine. Thank you also for being here, for being interested in my services.nt.

If you like what you see, thenrequest an offercontact me today or on one of my contacts.

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