Priority development – What does it mean?

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Yes, just from the title, you could easily guess what will be discussed next. Priority development. What exactly does this mean and what is it good for? You probably also know the feeling when you really want something, you are very curious, but you have to wait a long time for it. Well, I came up with a great solution for this feeling and life situation!

Due to the continuous signing of contracts (Why is the contract important?) almost every month of the year is very busy for me. In the summer, almost without exception, I spend all my Fridays and Saturdays (and sometimes even the rest of the week) with wonderful couples who tie their lives together, thus sealing their love. In autumn and winter, I fulfill many corporate, Christmas and other requests. Plus, in addition to all this, I also deal with maternity, baby and family photography on almost every day of the calendar. So I get up and go to bed with a camera in hand. D Although these smaller photo shoots (pregnant mother,baba,family) I usually undertake with a deadline of 1-2 weeks, but I must admit that even here there are slippages. In many cases, I undertake my wedding, company and other orders with a delivery/development deadline of a maximum of 3 months. If you belong to one of the categories mentioned later andweddingor you are waiting for other photos from me, then this article is for you!

What is a lot for whom?

3 months? What are you doing with the pictures until then? Isn’t that much? – The questions just rain down many times.
Of course, everyone has to decide that for themselves. I meet many people who fully accept the situation and the fact that I cannot be there in 5 places at the same time and present a product “the next day”. But there are also quite a few people who beg me to show them or send them something, because they are consumed by that crazy curiosity. Thepriority developmentpossibility, that is why it was formed. I have often thought about what I can use to somehow bring order to disorder and what I can practically use to create an order of importance between assignment and assignment.

Priority development – What is it and what does it mean?

Calm down! You don’t have to think of something mind-blowingly big, there’s nothing more behind it than what the name says. It’s simplerepresents a competitive advantage. Against whom? To other people using my services. I usually put it simply that it is an opportunity that allows you to get ahead of everyone else! Of course, I don’t mean that tomorrow morning I will stand in front of your door, kick everything and deal only with you. But what I mean is that I will be able to give a more favorable number for the time interval during the post-work and during the preparation and development of the existing materials. I will take your material among the first, even if I have several other projects and work going on. How can I do this? Due to my work, the fact that I am an individual entrepreneur, that I allocate my time, I decide what, when and how I undertake. In a word, in my workS Z A B A D S Á G Abecause I can do this and offer it to you too!

When can you ask?

Anytime, for any project or order. You can therefore request it when concluding the contract, during the performance of the service and even afterwards.

  • When curiosity is enough
  • If you can’t wait
  • If you are impatient
  • If you are the competitive type
  • If you would like to receive what is yours as soon as possible
  • If you’re bored of bananas 🙂


Ask me thatpriority development!

Tetszett a bejegyzésem? Érdekesnek találtad? Oszd meg ismerőseiddel, hogy ők is elolvashassák!

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