The importance of signing a contract – Is a contract really important?

Is the contract really important? Or is it just unnecessary paperwork? What should be included in it?
We will find the answers to these questions together in our next one.

You wouldn’t buy a house or a car without knowing exactly what you were getting into, right? The same applies to a wedding. Believe me, in addition to the fabulous experience, it comes with significant financial burdens. Thiscontractsweight, which you sign during the organization. Almost every contract will have a 6-figure sum, so it’s really important that you actually know what you’re signing when you put your name on the dotted line.

As basic as “read the contract” sounds these days, please actually read it. It’s a huge amount, in fact, I would venture that the biggest investment so far and, last but not least, your wedding, the big day of your life, depends on the lines of the contract. In many cases, people only skim through a paragraph, but the superficiality has often caused many people a headache.

I know it’s a lotwedding photographer a colleague does not enter into a contract with the couples. They try to make you believe that there is no need for a written agreement with excuses and reasons that are more and more silly. Well, if you meet such a “professional”, then thank him for his work so far, close the door on him and avoid him from afar!

You shouldn’t trust anyone who doesn’t want to sign a contract for a second!

A correctly balanced contract for both parties can cost hundreds of thousands of forints. Of course, all this requires a good lawyer. Several people try to write it themselves in order to save this cost when starting the business. They themselves try to “write down” in some form what they give and what the contracting party can expect from them. But these are far from reliable. If a contract in which the subject is a service (for now let’s stick with a wedding photographer for the sake of simplicity) is shorter than 2 pages, then you can be sure that you have not received an all-encompassing agreement…

Why are wedding contracts important?

While organizing your wedding, you can often feel that it is a beautiful time, that you are preparing for the most beautiful day of your life and that you are captivated by an endlessly romantic feeling. This is natural, but it is important to remain grounded in reality throughout. Look a little behind the pink mist andenter into a written agreement! This will ensure that everyone is on the same page (of the success of the wedding)! This is the thing that protects both parties from the problems that arise.

Thereforemake a contract with everyone, who is part of your Big Day, your wedding. Of course, one-off purchases can be an exception. These include, for example, the planting cards, the various decor elements, the equipment and furniture or the accessories that you will have with you that day. Although the account is worth keeping here as well. On the other hand, what requires unique work, payment details or services used on your wedding day requires an official contract. Some simple examples of these: dress rental, cake making, photographer, CM, DJ, venue and catering, etc.

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Think like a journalist! The given “article” must contain everything, in our case onecontract. To whom, when, where, why, how, from where until when and for how much? Decide everything. The expectations of the other party must be clearly and unambiguously readable for both parties, and the agreed parameters must also be recorded in written form.

Onewedding photographerin this case, it is also important that the given date is permanently booked in your calendar. A szerződés az egyetlen mód arra, hogy megbizonyosodj arról, hogy valóban Ő lesz ott a választott napon és helyszínen életed legszebb napján, a legjobb formádban csodálatos fotók készüljenek rólad és kedvesedről. The question often arises on wedding forums, when is it necessary/worthwhile/recommended to book the photographer?

When should you book a wedding photographer?

Booking alone is not enough. The reservation becomes final at the moment of concluding the contract. I have a simple answer to the question of when this should be done: Yesterday is too late!!! Joking aside: as soon as possible! 🙂

Whenever this question arises in my environment, I try to answer it to the point. In more detail, this means something like when you have selected your chosen wedding date and your wedding venue (you have also signed a contract with them). After all, these two are absolutely necessary to be with the wedding photographerenter into a contract, reserve and secure your seats during the season. (Although there are counterexamples, when someone is very attached to their photographer, the date is adjusted accordingly

Most of the contracts are concluded 1 – 1.5 years before the wedding. This is when the needs are assessed within the framework of a personal meeting. Fixing the date, choosing the package and arranging the materials, the written reservation is the goal.

All further details, information and other little things (e.g.: date of the engagement photo shoot, discussion of the wedding scenario, the course of the big day, the location of the creative photo shoot, etc., etc., etc.) will be developed and revealed during the organization.

A good tip: Stay in touch with your wedding photographer! Ask him, get his opinion on as many things as possible and agree with him. After all, he will be the person with whom you will practically spend the most time, the person you will see the most on your wedding day, next to your love, of course.

What is a good contract?

A good contract lays the foundation for success. Perhaps you have already heard the proverb “the basis of a good friendship is accurate accounting”. Always keep this in mind. No matter how good you are with the particular photographer, always remember this phrase.

Unfortunately, I have met several times a couple who had a very nice, very good photographer friend… Once. Of course, referring to their thousand-year friendship and all other nice things, they did not write a contract, did not fix any rules, and then two weeks before the wedding, the dear friend was absorbed. How can this be? So that the photographer was not bound by anything. Maybe he was simply frightened by the magnitude of the task and pulled the handbrake. Maybe he “sacrificed the friendship” and went to another wedding in exchange for a bigger amount. Not thinking that this will hurt you, since “you are friends anyway”. So that you don’t end up in such a nerve-wracking situation, find out what the points are without which you should never sign anything.

What should a contract contain?

  • Location
  • Date
  • Service start time
  • Duration of service
  • Details and parameters of the selected package/service
  • Details of possible termination of contract
  • Conditions of impossibility
  • Finances, payment terms
  • Invoicing
  • Completion date
  • General commitment/contract conditions
  • Copyright regulations
  • Permissions, use of images
  • Overtime pay
  • Meal
  • Dress code
  • Witness, signature


You may find the listed and described a little scary, but don’t be afraid! The conclusion of the contract is as important as formality. But you can easily get over it. Don’t let this whole contract thing get to your head. Don’t let this take your attention away from the most important thing, love! Once you have it, you can relax and check off one of the items on the long list of wedding planning. Of course, this does not mean that you can sit back on the sofa. I’m sure there’s plenty more to do on that particular list!

I hope you found the above useful, I hope I was able to help!
I wish you a lot of happiness!

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