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– Wedding photographer in Békéscsaba –
Do you need an experienced wedding photographer? Do you want to find a professional wedding photographer in Békéscsaba and its catchment area? Someone who takes reliable and beautiful photos?

Are you tired of not being able to decide?

You lose the sudden rush at youa lot of information strong between? Do you hate when photographers bombard you with different quotes and different packages? You don’t understand and that’s why you can’t decide exactlywhat do you ask, which package is the right one for you and what extra services do you choose?


How much time and energy do you think it takes to find the perfect wedding photographer?

Very much!

After all, it’s not just the quality of the images that matters, it’s also important to find mutual sympathy and a common voice, as well as how flexible the photographer is.

Unfortunately, many photographers only rely on a good website. Today, a good website and some good photos are not enough.

You also need the underlying content!

Here’s your chance, you just have to sit back on the sofa and click on this link:

You can read more about me in the link above. Among other things, about how I work at a wedding. That way you get a much more personal picture of me. Look through my gallery, read my package offers and browse my extra services. Budapest is my headquarters. I live here, I work here most of the time, but I undertake wedding photography all over the country, for example in and around Békéscsaba. Over the years, I realized that these unrepeatable moments should only be captured with professional equipment. Therefore, without sparing the wallet, I take the photos with today’s most modern equipment, Sony Alpha 7R4 cameras. As a female wedding photographer, I appreciate the importance of each wedding day. I will help you to ensure that your wedding photos really contain the real moments and emotions. After all, that’s what everyone wants, right? For photos, for selected frames, in which you shine with your love in the best form of your life so far.

Let’s take photos before the wedding – or let me take your photo!

We can meet not only during a personal meeting, where we discuss the details of the wedding, get to know each other better and, of course, sign a contract.

There’s an opportunity forengagement photo shoot, where of course we can get to know each other even better, but perhaps more importantly, we can practice. We can practice so that everything goes smoothly at the wedding and you are not embarrassed by the possible proximity of the camera. Here, in calm conditions, without rushing, we can try out how it will take place that day, with the photography already in full swing.

Us? How do you choose a wedding photographer in Békéscsaba?

10 + 1 reasons why you should choose me!

  • You receive permanent discounts
  • I provide countless extra services (e.g.: drone, wedding photography, online invitation, etc.)
  • I work with professional equipment (Sony Alpha 7R4 – 2021 award-winning model)
  • I pass on all well-done photos, I don’t hold back photos
  • All submitted photos are post-processed, regardless of the package chosen
  • I also take black and white pictures
  • I always work cheerfully and with a smile 🙂
  • I provide my wedding photography work with a contract and invoice (Tax Free).
  • My appearance is elegant and suitable for the occasion
  • Fixed disembarkation cost
  • As a woman, I can (even) be a part of many intimate moments (e.g.: bride’s dressing)


Wedding photographer in Békéscsa and throughout the country! For available dates, contact one of my contacts!

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