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Most wedding photographers calculate their prices based on the hours spent at the wedding and the time spent on post-processing. There are many people who define their packages accordingly. In case of overtime, they may even charge an extra surcharge. But what is it that defines it?wedding photography prices strong ?

Based on my years of experience and during the time I spent with photography, I have developed what the components of the price are and what the pricing depends on. Between wedding and wedding2 main pointsthere are times when we dissect this topic. When and where the wedding will take place. So the location (its geographical location) and the time (the selected date is out of season or in season) basically determine the prices of this segment. A wedding season for me lasts from March to October. There are many wedding photographers – I am one of them – who provide discounts for the months outside this period. Let’s see the prices…


I would start right away with a correction, I think the right question is this:“What do I get for my money? “
Photography is not math, it’s art. It is not tangible, it cannot be bought by the kilo, like a kilo of bread in the store, it is an activity that is difficult to define. Thewedding photographyprices include everything. The professional knowledge, preparedness, the work and creativity of the day, as well as the follow-up work that follows, as well as, of course, the professional equipment, contracting and other costs necessary for the business. The price of the wedding photographer includes the artistic capture of the big day and its ideological value.

Just think about it!
Why is cheap so cheap? Why is expensive so expensive?

During the wedding photography, I take:

  • portrait photos(e.g.: photographing the couple alone and together)
  • mood photos(e.g.: on-site decor, parent’s greeting, asking a girl, crazy party)
  • wedding report photos(e.g.: photography of church and/or civil ceremonies, congratulations and the entire evening celebration itself)
  • creative wedding photos (e.g.: at a separate hour, on the day of the wedding)
  • respectivelyproduct photos(e.g.: from wedding rings, through shoes, to other small details).

So, a good wedding photographer must master and be able to present all kinds of photography styles to capture a wedding.

HOW MANY PICTURES WILL YOU GET? – Wedding photography prices

Well, this is the question I can never give an exact number. I can’t promise that for X thousand forints I will hand over X photos after the wedding. Why can’t I define it exactly? Because there are so many components to this question. Among other things, how active you are and how involved you are in taking creative photos also influences the amount of photos taken during the entire wedding photography session. It also affects the prices and the amount of images, whether you will have just one (i.e. your civil ceremony) or two (i.e. your civil and church ceremony). Furthermore, it also largely depends on how many programs there are at your wedding, e.g. will the party and the evening be colorful with games, will there be a bridal dance at midnight (here I take at least one photo with everyone you dance with).
One word is like 100… the amount of photos transferred really depends on a lot of things, but in short, the density of the programs affects the amount of photos transferred.

ThereforeI always define a number from toduring the preparation of the quotation. This covers how many photos you can expect to receive in that particular package. The point is not how many pictures you will end up with. The most important thing, in my opinion, is whether the pictures tell the whole story of the wedding, and whether the wedding photos reflect the emotions. And then there are the technical aspects – colors, lights, moods, effects, composition, moments.

WHAT DO I MEAN BY POST-WORK? – Wedding photography prices

I do little retouching, rather I play with moods, lights and colors.
I strive to keep the photos of the captured moments as they are in reality. I just add a little color and emotions to them, so that the photos are more lively and beautiful overall. 🙂

WHEN WILL YOU RECEIVE THE WEDDING PHOTOS? – Wedding photography prices

This is usually an important and pivotal question: the transfer of the photos can often take three to four weeks or even more. It depends a lot on the saturation of the season. As I already wrote, I count the season from March to October, and this is the period when most wedding photography takes place. This transfer time is absolutely acceptable for someone, and for someone it is absolutely not and finds it very long. If you also think that the handover, which requires three or four or even more weeks, is a long time, then ask me for priority development !


You can see how much the prices shown in the quotations include, and how many components an amount has. I hope that I managed to form a clearer picture of how much a photographer costs and why it is so much. AHow to choose a wedding photographer?in my blog, I will help you with even more useful questions and aspects so that you can really choose the right photographer!

In my opinion, it is important to feel comfortable and natural with the photographer. Price does play an important role, but it doesn’t have to become the most important criterion in the world! TMy tip: Pay attention to good service, but don’t sacrifice quality!

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