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How do I work?


I shape the passing moments into eternal frames! I believe that every moment is precious. I consider it my duty to capture these moments experienced during wedding photography. A picture should not only be a projection of the moment, but a memory that you can relive anywhere, anytime and as many times as you like. 

Some moments are too special to put into words. This is why I love wedding photography! Because these moments are unique. They are NEVER recurring. And this awareness is so captivating… 

Roxana Király
Roxana KirályBeauty expert
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"Dóri was the photographer at my wedding, who photographed not only the ceremony but also the preparation. 🤗 The photo shoot was in a very good mood, I had a lot of fun, which also relieved my excitement about the ceremony, so I was able to enjoy the day more and, of course, very great pictures were created. Dóri is professional, very talented and, last but not least, very kind! He fulfilled everyone's requests without any problems. I recommend it to all brides who want professional pictures of the big day of their life and also want to have fun during the photo shoot. Thank you Dóri for giving my big day such a beautiful frame 😘❣️"

Real moments, loving kisses...

I have collected the 10 most important questions you can ask a wedding photographer.

A future wife carefully chooses the location of her dreams. He imagines every moment of the big day, beautiful and breathtaking photos in a vision… The next step to take these photos is choosing your wedding photographer – you need a professional who is perfectly able to capture this unusual, special event in eternal frames.

Different photographers have different styles and couples have different preferences. If you want to choose a photographer who captures your big day in the way you always dreamed of, you first need to know the photographer and his insights.

A sense of mission

A wedding day, The Big Day, is unique and unrepeatable.

This is fact and true. Every wedding photographer should be aware of this. It is a huge responsibility, but also the greatest blessing to participate in such a special day. 

There is no such thing as having a bad day, I don’t even know the words “again” or “one more time”. I have to capture everything as it happens and at the moment. Everything is always changing. I try to stop this change, slow it down and condense it into frames. And should I say something? I just love it! 

I love knowing that I can get my hands on something that no one else in this life has. I can capture the first moments of your life together in eternal frames! Isn’t it fantastic? 

As soon as your wedding venue and the date of the Big Day are fixed. I recommend that if these 2 things are already in place, then do not delay in choosing a wedding photographer either! 🙂

3 random facts about me

I have been present at more than 250 weddings

I don't have my own children yet, but I love them

I like good scents and perfumes

How do I prepare for a wedding photo shoot?

with SONY ALPHA cameras

I will capture every moment with the 2021 model in my hand. In 61 megapixel resolution, I will come to you with the best brightness lenses & flashes on the market!

With backup

It cannot be stressed enough how important backups are. I make several saves on a wedding day. In this case, I saved the photos to an external data storage.

As well as myself!

It’s true, I’ve been through countless weddings, but even to this day I still get a little nervous. So that everything goes well. Because I still feel that I love doing this!


As a woman, I see the world completely differently from my male colleagues. Of course, that’s okay. I think that as a woman I can capture a lot more emotions during a wedding photo shoot. I can be a part of many more moments due to my female nature.

As a woman, I feel completely different when preparing for a wedding or welcoming parents. Many times I also get teary-eyed during a touching ceremony. We women are the most emotional half of the world.

I often say, it’s all in the details. My precision does not only lie in arriving on time or in post-processing the photos. From small accessories to on-site decor, I put a lot of emphasis on everything.

It’s true that I usually don’t appear in any wedding photos, but I’m always picky about my appearance. My dressing and style is elegant, modern and chic, but also comfortable.

What do I mean by follow-up work?

Use the slider and look at the difference between the raw photos and the photos I gave you!

Numbers that speak volumes

I tend to invest a lot of time and energy in making sure that my written words and sentences are valuable and really effective. But numbers mean even more than words. ÍSo here are some examples:


Happy customer


Submitted project

+ 0

An hour spent doing post-work


Coffee consumed


Used machine

Wedding Photographer Prices/Packages

My package offers cover the entirety of most wedding days. If you feel that you need something else, ask for an individual quote!




Popular wedding photography accessories

Over the years, I have added a lot of optional extras to my service, which you can see below. I guarantee that no matter which one you choose for your wedding, you will be a winner, because they are perfect from one to the other. As a wedding photographer, I warmly recommend these in addition to the chosen package!


If you have a lot of ideas, but you don’t want to rush on the BIG DAY.

  • I recommend taking photos 1-3 days after the wedding, for a maximum of 3 hours.
  • We can go anywhere in Hungary, the main thing is that the creative wedding photography should take place 2-3 hours before sunset.

Are you looking for something that will enhance the mood of your wedding? You are at the right place! 🙂

  • Check out the website and order today!
  • If you refer to this coupon code, you can use the selfie mirror with a 50% discount!

Do you want a unique look for your opening dance? You will love the experience of dancing on the clouds!

Forget the traditional invitations and invite your guests to your wedding in today’s most modern way!

  • I have 17+1 reasons for you to choose this invitation!
  • All important information about the wedding and photos of you on one page.

You will receive the items listed in your chosen package within 4 weeks. I recommend that you:

  • If you are the impatient type and don’t want to wait for long weeks.
  • If you were to overtake everyone!
  • If you would like to read more about this, click:PRIORITY PROCESSING

Couple photography in Budapest, with a maximum duration of 2 hours.
For more information, click:TICKET PHOTOGRAPHY

  • It’s a perfect opportunity to have professional photos taken of you in “civilian” clothes!
  • It’s also a perfect opportunity to practice so that my wedding day can go smoothly with the photography.

Is there more, shall I say more? 🙂

Long-term cooperation

20% discount!

I trust that we will not only meet once, at your wedding, but that I will be a part of other points in your life as well. My couples who use my wedding photography service usually use this favorable opportunity on our second meeting.

20% discount on the price of the second photo shoot!

Maternity, baby or family topics any day of the year.

Wedding photographer pre-booking 2023

Book now!

Every year, countless couples come to me at the last minute… In the 2-3 months before the wedding, more daring people visit in the weeks before the wedding.

I have to say that this is not a good tactic. It used to work, but today we live in such a fast-paced world that my calendar fills up a year and a half in advance. Yes, you read that right! Most people plan their wedding 1 – 1.5 years in advance and book the wedding photographer along with it.

Don’t be left behind, plan your wedding in time, choose your wedding photographer consciously!

I look forward to bookings for the 2023 season, I have opened my calendar!

+ Wedding videographer

Book now!

Since I work alone & as a single person, as a wedding photographer, so far I have “never been able to compete” with colleagues who provide photography + videography services at the same time, with several people, even in a team. I didn’t know before, but now I do! 🙂 I also have the option of +videos!

Ask for a quote and nominate the wedding videographer too!

My colleague and I will come to you as a team!

Wedding & lifestyle photographer

Have I piqued your interest?

...What makes a picture really good and outstanding among many? For me, nothing from just smiling at the camera. I think pictures are good if there is a story behind them. If they tell you what the people on them are like. It also tells what they felt there and then when the shutter button clicked...

Contact me!

Ask for a free, no-obligation quote and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Frequently asked questions and answers. Wedding little ones & GY.IK

I have collected the most frequently occurring questions and answers in a bunch so that you don’t have to search any further!

Wedding photography topic

No, it’s not necessary! I’m here to manage everything! 🙂 I only needed YOU that day. As much as possible, try to start the day calmly, and leave the rest to me! You probably help the most by preparing all the supplies you will be wearing and with you that day for the morning preparation. For example: tie, perfume, earrings & necklace, shoes, etc… That way, when I arrive, I can start working with these supplies.

I usually deliver the entire wedding material within 1 month. But if you find this to be too much, you can ask me for priority development. This cuts the time in half, so you will receive all the pictures within 2 weeks of your wedding. Get ahead of everyone! 😉

I do little retouching, I prefer to play with colors, moods and lights. I guess you wouldn’t want another person to thank you for your wedding pictures either. My goal is more to capture emotions… I would watch more Before-After!

I get this question a lot. In today’s world, this is absolutely accepted. I like to capture a wedding photoshoot alone… That way, you don’t have another person or a third-party photographer who is constantly in my view, and this way I can develop a much more personal and intimate relationship with you. Get to know him even better!

I am always very careful about my appearance. Appearance is important to me, especially on a day when everyone knows that it is the BIG DAY of a day’s life. My outfit is elegant, yet comfortable, so that I can smoothly handle the obstacles that arise during wedding photography.

A photo shoot like this is in a very good mood, I just love it all. You should expect a conversational, easy 1 or 2 hours. Of course, in the meantime, I try to preserve the most sincere and beautiful moments you have together as a reality forever.

If you’ve already been engaged, then the engagement photo shoot will be a perfect opportunity to practice a little before the Big Day, so don’t miss it!i!

Gentlemen! If you don’t have a wedding ring planned yet, or you haven’t proposed to your loved one, bring him or her to a couple photo shoot Believe me, you won’t regret it!


At the beginning of the season, I can still move relatively quickly with the transfer of materials, but as we move forward in time and I participate in more and more weddings, the images to be transferred pile up in front of me. In the case of priority development, however, I guarantee that I will fulfill the conditions included in the package within 2 weeks. So, I encourage you to ask, go ahead of everyone, secure your seats! 🙂


The online invitation is practically a link. You can share this link with your friends and acquaintances just as easily as a delicious cookie recipe. The following 3 words with the letter “b” perhaps best describe its operation. For anyone, anytime, anywhere. 🙂

Creative photography on a special day is a real dream! True, it requires a little extra time and energy, but believe me, it’s worth it! 🙂

Here, we can practically realize all kinds of ideas, we can be creative together. We will go wherever you want, no one will rush us. Complete peace and relaxation.

Yes of course. A wedding photo shoot is unique and unrepeatable. Whoever is aware of the weight of this is a responsible person. And it is essential for anyone who is responsible to make a written document of every agreement. By the way, this protects you and me as well.
Why is the contract important?

Payment is made in the manner specified in the contract. Payment is made in the manner specified in the contract. In all cases, I issue an invoice, so there are no surprises during an inspection. The amount to be paid is 50% of the price of the chosen package & extra options, which must be paid at the time of signing the contract.

Yes. I undertake wedding photography throughout the country and even beyond our borders. In the beginning, I only worked in and around Budapest, but I quickly realized that the demand is much greater in other areas of the country as well. This is how I visit the most beautiful regions of Hungary.

How am I doing? So that I simply love what I do! 🙂
My work is my hobby, my hobby is my work. Since I spend most of my weekdays between the four walls alone, in a dark room (these conditions are necessary for successful post-production), I look forward to the weekends!

Do not be afraid. First, because you are not alone. 85% of my partners say this… On the other hand, you really are not alone. I am here to capture one of the happiest days of your life, not to photograph you in any unpleasant situation.


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