The unrepeatable

movie version of moments


The unrepeatable

movie version of moments

Who is behind the Dóra Film?

I’m Dori. Entrepreneur, freelance photographer and a woman from head to toe,
who is unwaveringly optimistic! 🙂

I always smile behind the camera.. Sometimes I even cry (with joy). Why? Because it never felt like work to me. I simply love what I do! I love capturing other people’s happiness! Everyone deserves to hold their most wonderful memory in their hands, and I’m here to help!

Dóra Film Szénás Dóri vagyok

Who is behind the Dóra Film?

I’m Dori. Entrepreneur, freelance photographer and a woman from head to toe,
who is unwaveringly optimistic! 🙂

I always smile behind the camera.. Sometimes I even cry (with joy). Why? Because it never felt like work to me. I simply love what I do! I love capturing other people’s happiness! Everyone deserves to hold their most wonderful memory in their hands, and I’m here to help!


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Numbers that speak volumes

We invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that our written words and sentences are valuable and truly effective. But numbers mean even more than words. ÍSo here are some examples:


Happy customer


Submitted project

+ 0

An hour spent doing post-work


Coffee consumed


Used machine

Original Wedding Video

A film that is true to you and your wedding day is the most important thing to me. I want you to feel good on your big day, to enjoy every moment. Your wedding video will be adapted to your personal style and love story.



I aim for the perfect balance of rich, emotionally driven storytelling and stunning cinematic effects. My films are individually designed! But you were also needed for the spectacle! I can be as clever as you want if you are not an integral part of the filming!


My main ethos is to create wedding videos that are unique and emotionally engaging every time.. Wedding films reflect the people who appear in them.. Mood, showing emotions, going through and experiencing what happened.


In order to connect with the customer and viewers of a wedding video, we need to deal with emotions. I think it is important that we get close to each other. That way I can really be there in the moment, as if I’m not even there.

In love

I use an unusual approach to filming weddings and planning a good story. Before I open my bags, I already know what and how I want to look back at home, while editing, from the given day.pról.


It is important to me to make wedding videos and films that will resonate with you and your family for years to come. There is a wise saying:
“Quality never goes out of style.”

Relive the most beautiful day of your life over and over again!

Are you dreaming of a wedding video that is really about you?

Don’t chase your dreams anymore!

How can you have a wedding video like this?

How do we prepare for wedding videography?

01 - with SONY cameras

These are the best video and imaging tools available today. My machines can even record with 4K (UHD) resolution, they are compact cameras with interchangeable lenses, which are used to make videos for cinema.

02 - With backup

Backup is one of the most important processes that can be used to protect our data. With the help of backups, we can easily restore our data. These are kept for 1 year.

03 - With precision

My PRECISION is not only manifested in the fact that I am always everywhere on time, but also in my cutting style. The real filmmaking is the editing itself, because it is on the editing table that it is decided what is mediocre in the film and what is already true art.

04 - With myself

In addition to continuous development, I always try to provide something new, contribute ideas to the days, so that your wedding film is unique. Of course, this also requires your ideas, which I keep in mind as much as possible in any case.

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Wedding video prices/packages




Optional extra services

Popular wedding video accessories

Over the years, I have added a lot of optional extras to my service, which you can see below. I guarantee that no matter which one you choose for your wedding, you will be a winner, because they are perfect from one to the other. As a wedding photographer, I warmly recommend these in addition to the chosen package!

Are you looking for something that will enhance the mood of your wedding? You are at the right place! 🙂

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Do you want a unique look for your opening dance? You will love the experience of dancing on the clouds!

Forget the traditional invitations and invite your guests to your wedding in today’s most modern way!

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  • All important information about the wedding and photos of you on one page.

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Frequently asked questions and answers. Wedding little ones & GY.IK

I have collected the most frequently occurring questions and answers in a bunch so that you don’t have to search any further!

Wedding Videography topic

No, it’s not necessary! I’m here to manage everything! 🙂 I only needed YOU that day. As much as possible, try to start the day calmly, and leave the rest to me! You probably help the most by preparing all the supplies you will be wearing and with you that day for the morning preparation. For example: tie, perfume, earrings & necklace, shoes, etc… That way, when I arrive, I can start working with these supplies.

I usually deliver the entire wedding material within 2 months.t. But if you find this to be too much, you can ask me for priority development. This cuts the time in half, so you will receive all the pictures within 3 weeks of your wedding. Get ahead of everyone! 😉

I get this question a lot. In today’s world, this is absolutely accepted. I like to capture a whirlwind of a wedding alone… This way you don’t have another or a third colleague who is constantly in my field of view, and this way I can develop a much more personal and intimate relationship with you. Get to know him even better!

I am always very careful about my appearance. Appearance is important to me, especially on a day when everyone knows that it is the BIG DAY of a day’s life. My outfit is elegant, yet comfortable, so that I can smoothly handle the obstacles that arise during wedding photography.

At the beginning of the season, I can still move relatively quickly with the transfer of materials, but as we move forward in time and I participate in more and more weddings, the images to be transferred pile up in front of me. In the case of priority development, however, I guarantee that I will fulfill the conditions included in the package within 2 weeks. So, I encourage you to ask, go ahead of everyone, secure your seats! 🙂


The online invitation is practically a link. You can share this link with your friends and acquaintances just as easily as a delicious cookie recipe. The following 3 words with the letter “b” perhaps best describe its operation. For anyone, anytime, anywhere. 🙂

Yes of course. A wedding is unique and unrepeatable. Whoever is aware of the weight of this is a responsible person. And it is essential for anyone who is responsible to make a written document of every agreement. By the way, this protects you and me as well.
Why is the contract important?

Payment is made in the manner specified in the contract. Payment is made in the manner specified in the contract. In all cases, I issue an invoice, so there are no surprises during an inspection. The amount to be paid is 50% of the price of the chosen package & extra options, which must be paid at the time of signing the contract.

Yes. undertake wedding videography and filmmaking throughout the country and even beyond our borders. In the beginning, I only worked in and around Budapest, but I quickly realized that the demand is much greater in other areas of the country as well. This is how I visit the most beautiful regions of Hungary.

How am I doing? So that I simply love what I do! 🙂
My work is my hobby, my hobby is my work. Since I spend most of my weekdays between the four walls alone, in a dark room (these conditions are necessary for successful post-production), I look forward to the weekends!

Video Services

The most romantic type of video. To truly show emotions, I use professional SONY cameras that record the most beautiful moments in 120 fps. Thanks to this setting, I can use a lot of slow motion, thus enhancing the romantic effect.


How could you describe an event? The first word that comes to my mind in this regard is PÖRG Ő S. Here, you really have to record every important moment, and then everything has to be composed into the highlights video to be completed.


Are you organizing your wedding? Would you tell your guests the story of your meeting? All it takes is you (maybe a nice little wine?) & a nice location. The rest is up to you. It has to be told, imagined, recalled, fallen in love with. and daydream a little.

Full of life